Three Cancer Cases Summer 2018

TDF – Three Cancer Cases this Summer.

Tough situations we are trying to help how we can. Brutal. Say a prayer for these kids and families please. 

SOCOM: $6,200
“We have a really unique and horrific situation with a family. The SM is injured: he was injured in Iraq in 2010 (left knee injury) and in combative training more recently (right knee). But, the real problem is his wife and kids. His wife has the very rare and deadly form of cancer and all of the kids tested positive for the gene, but had no symptoms until recently when two of them developed tumors. The spouse is dying and the kids may as well, but they have been recommended to go see a pediatric specialist and need help with the travel since it’s outside of what the DoD can do. Anything you could do would help. It’s just such a bad situation.”

Smith family: $945.89 for hockey and gymnastic equipment and clothing
“Family of 5 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and 3 minor children. While on active duty, the veteran was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer. He’s had 5 reoccurrences, and has lost part of his jaw and one eye due to surgeries. Veteran has a 100% VA disability rating and is on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Family had to take a second mortgage on their home to be able to afford treatment not covered by insurance. Veteran is now receiving care from MD Anderson – and goes every 3 months. He has 3 young children; it’s the 2 oldest that need equipment for in order that they participate in hockey and gymnastics. The cost of the equipment is $945.89”

Kristor family: $1,508.18 for a bunk bed for the daughter who has outgrown her bed/an iPad for the daughter who is being home-schooled and a motorized riding vehicle for the son. “The mom told me that her daughter would like to have friends over to spend the night but they do not have an extra bed or mattress. This bunk bed has a bunk on top and is a double bed on the bottom. The daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer a couple of years ago but is symptom free at this time following her surgery. The family also lost all of their belongings in a fire when they lived at Ft. Bragg in 2012 and have been financially recovering from that loss. Thefinal blow to this family was the veteran’s diagnosis of cancer. 


Family of 4 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and 2 minor children. Veteran served in the Army and medically retired in August of 2017 after being diagnosed with metastatic papillary carcinoma due to handling depleted uranium in EOD program. He has a 100% VA Disability Rating and requires care from his spouse. She is not enrolled in the VA Caregiver Support Program because his cancer is considered an “illness” which makes them ineligible for the program. Family’s monthly income varies depending how often the veteran and his spouse have to be out of work due to the veteran’s illness. Transportation is an issue for the family as the veteran’s vehicle broke down and the repairs exceed the value of the vehicle. He needs reliable transportation to get to and from work.”