Sample Stories From 2016 – Black Mold, Car Repairs, Even Zoo Passes

Sample Stories From 2016 – Black Mold, Car Repairs, Even Zoo Passes

Code of Support:  Medically retired Army Staff Sergeant Army needed truck repaired. $1,500.

2011 Purple Heart recipient who served with the 1st Battalion, 108th Armour, 48th Brigade in Iraq from May 17, 2005 to May 7, 2006. He was a Tank Commander with the Armor Division. [He served on active duty for a total of 16 years from 1998 to 2014.] He was serving in Iraq on September 8, 2005, riding in an armored HUM-V when the vehicle he was in took a direct hit from a roadside bomb. 100% VA rated disabled and permanently unemployable for a Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, vertigo and tinnitus.  Married with four children, three of whom live at home; ages 13, 16, and 17. His wife is currently attending college to become a nurse.


Quality of Life Foundation:  Family of 5 education and zoo passes $625 

We are working with a family of 5 in Homewood, Illinois. The family includes the combat wounded Marine veteran with 100% rating, his wife and their 3 children – ages 15, 8 and 3. The family’s middle daughter, age 8, was diagnosed at age 3 and is a cancer survivor.

The middle daughter has special learning needs and there is a teacher in her school familiar with her case that the family would like to pay to tutor this child. The cost is $25 an hour and we are paying for 16 weeks, which would carry the child through the end of the school year, for a total of $400.  Also, the veteran requires a myriad of appointments right now and the family travels often to appointments with their youngest child, age 3. There is a zoo next to the treatment facility and we are purchasing a family pass for them, which costs $225.


Code of Support: Moving Costs due to Black Mold  – $1,279

SGT Will Scott a 2 tour veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.  During his 2 tours to Afghanistan he sustained multiple injuries which eventually lead to him retiring from the Army on May 27, 2016.  He and his family, which consists of his wife, his 2 sons and his daughter live in Casey, Illinois.  Post Military life has been tough for this family, but they have been taking it one day at a time. 

Two weeks ago, Black mold was found in and under the home they are currently renting.  Not planning to relocate for some time, the family was caught unprepared.   SGT Scott could not afford to leave a home that is endangering his family’s life.   He needed $504 to get his electricity current so he can transfer it to a new address, and $775 for the deposit at his new home. 


Code of Support:  Housing and Car Payment $1,605

Paul Marks an Army veteran in Phoenix, AZ is a former Artilleryman with the 25th infantry division.  He deployed to Afghanistan from 2004-2005.   The mental injuries that were sustained in that conflict still hamper him to this day.  Mr. Marks and his spouse have 5 children.  On the 13th of February the Marks family was evicted from their home, the family’s van was scheduled to be repossessed 02/17/2017.  We paid for 3 weeks in the motel while they are awaiting assignment into new housing ($1,155) and one car payment to prevent the repossession ($450).  The total amount to keep the Marks family with a roof over their head and transportation intact is $1605.  We are currently working with the family to create a plan to address their long-term needs, which include employment, financial counseling, peer support, etc. 


SOCOM Care Coalition:  $2700 for moving costs

Retired solider with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) needed our help with moving expenses.  He retired Dec 2015 and has been unemployed since he got out of the military.  Finally found a job in San Antonio TX as a dog handler and will be moving there this month to find a house etc. He has a wife and three kids, youngest is 6 months old. The benefits that he receives through VA is going towards debt that he has accumulated. New employer will not pay for his move.  What money he does have will go towards paying for the trip and hotel and taking care of his family while looking for a place to stay. His money will be really tight and he has no savings. RSM is in need of financial assistance to cover the cost of the move.