Avoiding a Homeless Shelter: Home For the Holidays 2017

Avoiding a Homeless Shelter: Home For the Holidays 2017

“NOT ON OUR WATCH!! Not going to happen this holiday!  Throwing in an extra $200 for gifts as well. 

Single parent veteran who needs assistance with her rent to prevent her and her 12 year old daughter from being homeless. Ms. Olsen became under employed and wasn’t able to make her rent, she just started at a new job in November, however she is still in the probationary period. She needs help to get caught up for November and until her probationary period is over in January. The total amount she needs is $2095 (rent & late fees through January).BACKGROUND: Tara Olsen served with 31st Brigade C 3/2 Air Defense Artillery Battery, at Ft Bliss, TX and Saudi Arabia (Operation Desert Falcon).

She incurred various over the course of her enlistment.   Discharged from the Army on January 22, 2000.

SITUATION: She is behind on her rent, the total of the incurred debt is to be for the rents of November and December is 2095.00. Rent rent is 849.00 a month but due to late payment she has received some late fee’s. She is taking care of the needs of her 12 year old daughter as well. She fell behind on her rent due to a lapse of employment. Secured a job as of November first but due to the initial training and probationary period Ms. Olsen will still lack the necessary funds to pay her rent until January.

ACTION: Immediate needs to prevent her and her child from being homeless, although she has developed a back up plan to enter into a shelter then return to an apartment. With the upcoming holiday seasons She and her daughter deserve a chance to stay out of the shelter system.”