8 Success Stories with Partner Operation Second Chance in 2017

8 Success Stories with Partner Operation Second Chance in 2017

Veteran: C. J. – $1,432 for mortgage

Operation Second Chance provided assistance to a 100% VA rated Army Veteran with 6 children ages 3months -11 years old.

 He struggles with PTSD and suffered a knee and shoulder injury while serving in Afghanistan. The veteran lives in Loganville, GA with his wife and children. He fell behind on mortgage payments with the birth of his last child who is now 3 months old.


Veteran: M.T. – Provided $1,042 for car payment

Veteran M. T is the single mother of 3 children ages 16, 13, and 11. She is an Army veterans with a 100% VA Rating for TBI and nerve damage sustained while serving. The veteran was facing reposetion of the family car used to get to VA appointments as well as getting her children to and from school.


Veteran: B. T. – Provided $1,024.05 for electric bill (Shut off)

When veteran B. T. applied for assistance his power was already shut off in the home. We were able to work with the power company to bring the bill current ad get the power restored the same day. B.T. is a 100% VA rated Army veteran injured while serving in Iraq. He suffered a TBI as well as having a brain hemorage after an IED explosion. He lives in Spotsylvania, VA with his wife and 4 children.


Veteran: J.S. Provided $1,450 for Rent

Veteran J.S. served in the Marines and then the Army National Guard. He is 90% VA rated for PTSD and anxiety. He served three tours in Iraq. The veteran and his wife and three children recently relocated to Colorado Springs and needed help with their first months rent after paying for moving expenses.


Veteran: J.O. – Provided $994 for utilities

Operation Second Chance was able to bring this veterans utility payment current before disconnection. J.O. suffers from Retropatellar Syndrome, often making to difficult to walk. He served in Iraq and was given a 70% rating from the VA. He lives in Colorado Spring with his wife and 3 young children.


Veteran: J.G. -Provided $1,543 Rent and $417 Utilities

Both veteran J.G. and her husband are veterans of the US Army. She has a 100% VA Rating after two tours to Iraq for PTSD. The veteran stays home with her 4 children ages 10 to 8 months and her husband recently changed jobs. By assisting with rent and utilities the family is back on track and able to stay in their home.


Veteran: L.G. – Provided $1,000 for rent and $265 for electric

Veteran L.G. is a single mom with two sons ages 7 and 6. The veteran has a 90% VA Rating after serving in Iraq with the Air Force. She has recently changed jobs for better pay and needed help with getting caught up on bills.


Veteran: B.C. – Provided $1,102 for rent

After serving just over 11 years with the Marines, B.C. was medically retired due to a lower back injury while deployed. He received an 80% VA Rating. He lives with his wife and 4 children in Milford, VA. The family needed assistance with rent due to paying for unexpected car repairs.