Operation Second Chance 2018 Success Stories

B.H. – Assisted on 9/26/2018. Family of 6. Injuries: PTSD,TBI, back injury. Fell behind on bills due to mistake in DFAS; he was not paid for the month.
Assisted with: $1300.00 rent.

S.D. – Assisted on 9/24/2018. Family of 8. Injuries: TBI, back injuries. He fell down the side on a mountain during a combat patrol. Assisted with: $362.00 electric payment.

R.S. – Assisted on 9/11/2018. Family of 5. Injuries: PTSD, paralysis of sciatic nerve, tinnitus. Assisted with: $1500.00 rent.

P.S. – Assisted on 9/21/2018. Family of 5. Injuries: back, hip, wrist injury. Car lost in hurricane Florence. Assisted with: $368.70 car rental.

J. B. – Assisted on 8/30/2018. Family of 5. Injuries: PTSD, lumbar injury.
Assisted with: $1200.00 rent.

C.B. – Assisted on 8/1/2018. Family of 6. Injuries: PTSD, leg amputee.
He did not receive his July check and fell behind on bills because of this.
Assisted with: $2150.00 mortgage.