Code of Support – 4 Recent Success Stories 2019

Code of Support 4 Recent Success Stories 2019

Veteran: Harry Stride, 70% VA rated, with 2 children ages 7 and 16 years old. Provided $1,038 for past due car payment and utility bills.


70% disabled Post 9/11 veteran named Harry Stride. Single parent and is currently employed part-time with American Airlines. Was out of work for two months due to a torn Achilles and surgery was performed by the Washington, DC VAMC. His job did not grant him temporary disability and therefore had to live off of his VA compensation which was not enough to support him and his 2 children ages 16 and 7. Because of this hardship, he had to forgo the car payment keep the lights on, pay rent and utilities. Mr. Stride has never missed a car payment prior to his medical leave. He is currently back at work and relieving physical therapy. The financial help will allow the family to get back on their feet and not be in jeopardy of losing their only transportation.

Veteran: Joe, 20 year medically retired veteran with four children. Provided $429 for medical co-pays.

Veteran and caregiver, Joe, who needed some assistance for water bill and food for the rest of the month. Joe is a 20 year medically retired veteran, with the four kids, and two that are still in school. The family is in a financial bind this month due to Joe’s wife/caregiver becoming ill and their youngest son is a severe asthmatic, so the medical co-pays put them behind, and they are pending Social Security disability, right now, as well.


Veteran: Mark Karr, bed-bound former infantryman – Provided $1,000 for home healthcare.

Veteran and caregiver just outside Denver. Mark Karr is a veteran, tabbed out former infantryman and the real deal. He is a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient with many, many combat missions in his jacket. His wife Susan is his caregiver, as he is currently bedbound and requires 24-hour care.

At issue, is his care, the VA mistakenly cut funding for the home-health care team and has not reconciled the issue yet. Susan, his wife and caregiver while they are waiting for the VA to re-instate his aid, has a long-planned retreat, which could not be cancelled with financial difficulty, and the family cannot afford the interim team in her absence. The total cost for care while she is gone is $1,000.


Veteran: John Parr. Provided $500 for car repair

OEF veteran John Parr. Mr. Parr has been employed for the past 14 years as an armed security guard and recently had to apply for unemployment. He is currently seeking new employment and his car is in need of minor repairs. He recently received his back pay from unemployment and paid 600.00 of the 1,000.00 invoice. He intends to relocate to AZ in July to be closer to family. The ask is for 500.00 to complete the rest of the minor repairs.