Marwan and Karrar – Heart Surgery for Blue Babies with CINI December 2007

Marwan and Karrar – Heart Surgery for Blue Babies with CINI December 2007


These two boys are a big success story for the TDF not only because they helped build on the momentum from our first two cases, but it started the relationship with Brenda and Children in Need International (CINI). We first learned of these two Iraqi children, Marwan age 22 months and Karrar age 4 months, from Captain Veronica Bruce, a medical officer with the National Iraqi Assistance Center (NIAC) in Baghdad. Both children were suffering from a ventricular septal deviation, commonly called “Blue Baby Syndrome”.

On December 3rd, the children and their respective escorts were flown from Baghdad to Amman by CINI. One problem: they didn’t have the funds to pay the doctors. In one short phone call we committed the $14,000 in funds and got them wired quickly. Brenda, expecting some complicated application process was so excited (and relieved, time was of the essence). We were excited as well – it was the beginning of something special…we have now done over 20 cases together – see our Heart Missions!

On December 5th, 2007 Marwan went into surgery and came out of surgery initially doing quite well. After repeated complications and multiple trips to ICU during a rough December he was finally able to return to Iraq in early January 2008.

At the onset, Karrar was deemed critical but in turn recovered remarkably well with no complications. He was operated on December 7th and only needed to be in the hospital for four days!