Laptop Computer, Generator, and School Supplies for Scania, Iraq Fall 2009

Laptop Computer, Generator, and School Supplies for Scania, Iraq Fall 2009


TDF was put in touch with the Civil Military Team in Scania in summer of 2007. This was a dedicated and fun group to work with. In addition to the medical supplies, we shipped them supplies to kick start the new school including an ice chest, Honda generator and laptop. This mission and effort was spearheaded by 1LT Mark Major. Here are excerpts from his original request and post mission thank you.


“Mr. Deierlein,
Your support and kindness will be multiplied 10 fold here on the ground. This one support package provides an entire community the possibility to begin the process self independence and education for the next generation. 120 children is the end state of what we need now. This new school is one of 4 schools in small villages that will eventually consolidate into a larger regional school which will be completed in summer ’10.
The schools in my AO are more community projects by the people than any form of government plan. The leader of this village is using collected wood and bricks to build the school which will be completed in December. They will be using an abandoned building next to the new location as a temporary school until completion”.


Mr. Deierlein,
…I did that mission about a week ago. It was a huge hit. The laptop to the teacher spread like wild fire with all the local nationals (LN).

To give you some Situational Awareness, we are doing a lot of “By, With and Through” mission with the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police. As we start to draw down, we are trying to make them more self-sufficient. Things like the school supplies go straight to the kids and has a huge impact on morale of the LN’s. We like doing those missions because it builds a relationship with the next generation and provides something the families cant. It does a long way for security as well. We are trying to get away from just giving the agencies and establishments items. We are focusing on teaching them how to do it vs. giving it to them.

I have ID’ed missions that are still requiring assets, but those missions are reserved for LN’s [local nationals] that will be over looked by their government. You also have a card signed by the school children en route. I hope you enjoy it.

Very Respectfully,
Major, Mark R.1LT, IN
Executive Officer A Co 2/162 IN
TF Volunteer, Camp Scania