Heart Mission February 2010. Gift of Life Amman (GOLA) In Partnership With Riley Children’s Hospital

Heart Mission February 2010. Gift of Life Amman (GOLA) In Partnership With Riley Children’s Hospital.


Gift of Life Amman (GOLA), in partnership with Riley Children’s Hospital, conducted Heart Mission VI, Feb. 18th – 26th, 2010, at Al-Khalidi Medical Center in Amman, Jordan.

This mission provided 13 children from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine and Jordan with life-saving cardiac surgeries to correct congenital defects.

Every mission continues to:

  • Save children’s lives and answer a parent’s prayer;
  • Exchange medical knowledge and best practices;
  • Solidify older friendships with past patients;
  • Build new friendships with patients and their families;
  • Bridge a deeper cultural understanding;
  • Promote love and appreciation across different countries.

Our kids this year:


Fatah Sakir

Fatah is a 6 year old boy who lives on a farm in northern Iraq. His family loves the farmland, raising animals and appreciating the quieter and “safer” life in Iraq. Fatah is very shy and reserved, but give him an electronic gadget and his face beams with energy and fascination. He loves to explore gadget features, play games and share everything with his father.


Akam Jalal

Akam Jalal, a 2.5 year old Kurdish boy with multiple heart complications, almost didn’t make it to the mission. Two airlines did not allow him to fly because he looked too “blue.” Even a letter from the physician stating he is capable to fly to Jordan did not convince them otherwise. They required the physician to be physically present with Akam on the plane. Dr. Anne McKay from the Riley team was going to fly to Iraq and bring him over, but due to weather conditions the plane would most likely not fly back from Iraq to Jordan. Then one morning, Akam and his mother arrived to Amman, a surprise to everyone!


Ruqaya Eissa

Although she lives in the quiet countryside with her family– raising chickens and animals – Ruqaya is a city girl at heart. She claimed to love Amman and did not want to return home after surgery. She loves to travel, see new places, and meet new people. Upon returning home, her father called to say they slaughtered sheep and are celebrating with the family.


Sara Hamza

And of course little Sara for her follow up from 2008.