Fair Haven, NJ Soccer Mom’s Operation Soccer Shirt Drop-Off

Fair Haven, NJ Soccer Mom’s Operation Soccer Shirt Drop-Off

Back in Spring 2008 we were contacted by John Ridgeway a digital marketing expert and friend of Tom’s for more than 10 years. He helped us partner with a group of Soccer Moms from Fair Haven, New Jersey to donate soccer uniforms, balls and equipment to children in Baghdad.

Working as most small communities do, the idea behind Operation Soccer Shirt Drop-Off was hatched on the sidelines of a soccer match where Lisa Haskell and Katy Frissora watched their 4th graders kick the soccer ball around and commented that it was a shame that (as usually happens year after year) at the end of the season the shirts, shorts and socks would simply be stuffed into drawers, perhaps never to be used again. Katy recalled seeing in the news that children in Baghdad love to play soccer, but do not often have uniforms or the basic equipment to play the game.

A quick informal poll of other parents on the side-lines revealed that they shared the same lament: Wouldn’t it be nice to donate years of collected recreation sports gear to children that would not only use the equipment right away, but that also shared the same passion for the sport of soccer.

So they joined forces with TDF and “Operation Soccer Shirt Drop Off” was born to get the soccer equipment to the fields of Baghdad.
In the end on the last day of league play boxes were placed all over the fields and more than 10 boxes of balls, uniforms, and equipment was boxed up and shipped to Baghdad.