Clothing for Victims of July 2007 Bombing in Baghdad

Clothing for Victims of July 2007 Bombing in Baghdad

On July 26, 2007 a truck bomb and rocket attack on a market in the Karadah district of Baghdad, resulted in 92 dead and 127 wounded. Working with the new unit that replaced 414th Civil Affairs, TDF partnered with a second hand clothing store in Chicago to ship more than $6,000 worth of clothes to victims of tragic attack in a previous peaceful area of the Capital.


Here are emails from CPT Mario Calad, a Civil Affairs Officer in Baghdad who completed a clothing drive for more than 100 families effected by the brutal bombing:

From August 24, 2007 Email:

“How are you all doing? My apology for not writing sooner. I have been actively engage on getting the list of names of all the victims on the 26Jul07 Karadah bombing. Tom, we can’t thank you enough, for what you’re doing back home. Our CA team here at Rusty are so happy to see the boxes and we can’t wait to distribute them to the Iraqis. We have received ten more HA boxes today and received seven boxes about three days ago.

On Tuesday, 28AUG07, we are planning to distribute the monetary assistance that LTG Odierno committed to provide to the affected families. Currently, I have 360 families on my list that we’re going to give some monetary assistance. We plan to split the families in three groups. On Tuesday, we would have 150 families come to the Karadah Hall. While the parents are going through the line for the monetary support, we would have the HA clothes and the other stuff you’ve sent in a separate rooms for the children to go to and pick what they want. We would do the same again the following day and we’re hoping that we can complete the process on Thursday. This is the plan right now and I’ll get back with you again tomorrow…More to follow.

From Sept 14th Email:

“Aloha!!! How are things back home? I want to express my thanks and appreciation for all the people that support your foundation and putting time to assist us here downrange. The HA [Humanitarian Aid] drop at Karadah was a success. We were able to give assistance to about over hundred families who were affected and as result most of them are homeless. They are very thankful of what we are doing to assist them and the District Councils of Karadah wants to convey their appreciation to you folks back home.
On the day of the HA drop, we laid out the clothes where the family exited and from there, they choose what they wanted from the file of clothes. It was like a garage sale and it was exciting to see the people pick from the different files of clothes. Please forward some of the pictures to your supporters and again please convey our thanks to all of them”