Burn Treatment Training – Scania in the Babylon Province, Iraq‏

Burn Treatment Training – Scania in the Babylon Province, Iraq‏

In the Fall of 2009, TDF worked with local U.S. Army staff, including 1LT Mark Major and Robert Ferry, M.D. the “Rawhide Brigade Surgeon” from Germantown Tennessee to get over $30,000 of medical supplies to Scania, in southern Iraq ‏with a concentration on burns.

Dr. Ferry put TDF in touch with MAP International, www.map.org. “MAP International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities.” They have items called Travel Packs. “MAP Travel Pack®, is a program consisting of the most essential medicines and medical supplies for clinic settings within the developing world.” Basically, for $400 you get over $10,000-$15,000 worth of medical supplies.

We ordered a slightly customized pack, specifically for burns which included Silvadene cream, bacitracin ointment, Betadyne, and Kerlix-style bandages. Dr Ferry used these for treatments as well as to train the local doctors.

Below is an excerpt of his letter to TDF:


Under current medical rules of engagement, when local nationals are brought to our base, we triage their injuries. If life, limb, or eyesight are not in peril, the medic provides a basic intervention and defers to the Iraqi facility. Burns, usually minor, are the most common injuries, and patients present at the gate here for care more than once weekly. These supplies could be used for this purpose.

1LT Major and I wish to set up training sessions here on CSC Scania for local Iraqi providers. The intent would be to use these materials to train them and to donate the majority of the supplies to them for ongoing Iraqi-directed care. We’re also seeking approval for me to visit a local clinic/hospital. I’ll certainly take photos of future events.

Thank you so kindly for your support!