School Supplies for Military Police Unit near Kabul Fall 2011

In the Fall of 2011, TDF had our first “repeat customer” from the military. We had worked with MAJ Gillentine in Iraq back in 2009.  He was again deployed in 2011, but this time to Afghanistan and was gracious enough to partner with TDF once again.  We shipped over $8,000 worth of school supplies – enough for 1,000 children.

Email from Commander dated January 2012

One of the missions that we conduct is Police Advisory in Kabul. As you have probably heard the Army is leaving Afghanistan. The way forward is to assist the Afghan National Police (ANP) in picking up their own law, order, and security. There are schools near some of the police districts that we visit so I have decided to distribute the school supplies near those schools. SSG Connell, the Police Advisory TeamNCOIC and Oregon State Trooper, determined which schools appeared less fortunate. He targeted those schools for the deliveries. I have attached a couple of pictures.  
We will be conducting more Drops in the near future. Thank you for coordinating the delivery of these supplies to us. It makes our jobs a little easier and it makes the children very happy. Paper and pencil
are incredibly valuable, even in Kabul. “

MAJ William “Jack” Gillentine Jr
Commander, 1186 Military Police Company
Task Force Hydra
Kabul Base Cluster, Camp Eggers